The following areas are popular year-round with cross-country skiers, hikers and mountain bikers. They all give you a chance to experience a great time outdoors, in mostly sheltered forest terrain. They're a cool escape in summer and equally nice on a windy winter's day.

The trails are all within a 10-15-minute drive of Skihaus & Stemhaus. Mary can provide you with detailed directions to the different trailheads. Contact her for information about Skihaus & Stemhaus availability at (705) 445-6843.

Cross-country skiers - please note that these trails are all UNGROOMED. Also, with the exception of the Wasaga trails, these trails are all FREE; the downside of this is that they are neither well-maintained nor well-signed.

The Lorree Forest

The Lorree Forest trail can be found on top of Georgian Peaks in mostly wooded terrain. The trail is relatively flat, making it suitable for everyone, whether walking, riding or skiiing. The loop can be hiked in approximately 1 hour, biked in 30-40 minutes, or cross-country skied in approximately 45 minutes. Half-way through you'll be treated to a view from the top of the Peaks, over the bay.


Blueberry Plains & High Dunes Trails (Wasaga Beach)

The dunes are the remains of a glacier which covered the area approximately 10,000 years ago. A wide variety of plant and bird species can be observed in this area.


Kolapore Uplands

It is essential to have a trail map. Trails are quite windy, with over sixty intersections, and frequently cross roads and other trails. Maps are $3.00 and may be purchased at the Ravenna General Store (2-3 kms from the Uplands). Kolapore if funded largely through map sales and donations from trail users, and it's a small price to pay for safety.

Trails are blazed with orange triangles (metal blazes or painted directly on trees), but are not groomed so skiers should be prepared to "break trail". With two exceptions, all ski trails have traffic in both directions, so uphill skiers should always yield to skiers coming downhill.

This is a rugged semi-wilderness area, so users should be equipped with emergency gear, food, and extra clothing. Several hills on the trails are quite difficult and should be attempted only by experienced skiers.

The majority of Kolapore trails are on public land, although approximately 20% cross private land with the permission of the landowners. Trails are managed and maintained by volunteers and are used at your own risk.


Three Stages

Located above the Osler ski area, this is some of the most challenging mountain biking in the area, with enough loops for you to ride until you drop. Be sure to bring lots of water and some snacks, as there's nothing on offer along the way.


The Bruce Trail

A portion of the 800km long Bruce Trail system (a footpath from Niagara to Tobermory) winds its way along the Blue Mountain escarpment above most of the area ski resorts, before continuing into the Beaver Valley. This section of the Bruce Trail rewards hikers with great views from the top of the escarpment. Sections of The Lorree Forest and Kolapore trails are considered part of the Bruce Trail.